Even though I advocate for some solutions that are quite unorthodox for a Republican to take, I do concede that fiscal conservatism is indeed a necesary component of a GOP platform. The Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill was simultaneously an abomination of many different scummy 2…
This is a bill that passed in the SC State Senate that every red state should pass
This video explains why the democratic party after 2024 is locked out of the senate for a while
You need highly motivated small groups of influential people and equally motivated much larger groups of supporters but that's still a small minority of…
Do you wish the topple the regime? You're going to have to stop being passive. Here are the types of peple who we need to save it
Writing Policy Perscriptions that will be enacted in a few years. This time, lets talk about school curriculums
Trump's attempt at Archeo Futurism
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